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Microsoft Excel Training Course in Delhi India

Microsoft Excel is an indispensable tool for professionals across various industries, offering powerful capabilities for data analysis, visualization, and reporting. In this comprehensive 10-day training agenda, participants will embark on a journey from mastering the basics of Excel to exploring advanced techniques for optimizing productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this training course will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in Excel.

Here’s a comprehensive 10-day training agenda for a Microsoft Excel Training Course:

Microsoft Excel Training Course Agenda (10 Days)

Day 1: Introduction to Excel Basics

– Introduction to Excel Interface

– Understanding Worksheets and Workbooks

– Navigating the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

– Entering Data and Labels

– Formatting Text and Numbers

– Introduction to Basic Formulas (SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN)

Day 2: Advanced Excel Basics

– Advanced Data Entry Techniques (AutoFill, AutoComplete)

– Cell Referencing (Relative vs. Absolute)

– Conditional Formatting

– Sorting and Filtering Data

– Using Tables for Data Management

– Introduction to Charts and Graphs

Day 3: Functions and Formulas Part 1

– Working with Basic Functions (COUNT, COUNTA, IF)

– Using Logical Functions (IF, AND, OR)

– Understanding Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP)

– Introduction to Date and Time Functions

– Error Handling and Troubleshooting Formulas

Day 4: Functions and Formulas Part 2

– Advanced Functions (INDEX, MATCH)

– Using Text Functions (CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID)

– Nesting Functions

– Array Formulas

– Practical Exercises and Case Studies

Day 5: Data Analysis and PivotTables

– Introduction to Data Analysis Tools

– Creating PivotTables

– Modifying and Formatting PivotTables

– Using Slicers and Timelines for Interactive Analysis

– Advanced PivotTable Techniques

– Data Analysis with Power Query

Day 6: Advanced Data Analysis Techniques

– Using What-If Analysis Tools (Goal Seek, Scenario Manager)

– Data Validation and Error Checking

– Consolidating Data from Multiple Sources

– Introduction to Power Pivot and Power View

– Advanced Charting Techniques

– Interactive Dashboards

Day 7: Macros and Automation

– Introduction to Macros

– Recording and Running Macros

– Editing and Debugging Macros

– Creating User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

– Introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

– Automating Tasks with Macros

Day 8: Collaboration and Sharing

– Sharing Workbooks and Collaborating with Others

– Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks

– Track Changes and Comments

– Using Excel Online and OneDrive

– Version Control and Document Management

– Review and Collaboration Tools

Day 9: Advanced Excel Tips and Tricks

– Advanced Data Cleaning Techniques

– Advanced Text Analysis and Manipulation

– Customizing Excel with Add-Ins and Extensions

– Advanced Data Visualization Techniques

– Using Excel in Specialized Scenarios (Financial Modeling, Statistical Analysis)

– Tips for Working Efficiently in Excel

Day 10: Final Project and Certification

– Completion of Final Project or Case Study

– Presentation of Projects and Peer Review

– Final Assessment and Certification Exam

– Course Evaluation and Feedback

– Certificate Distribution Ceremony

This 10-day training agenda covers a wide range of Excel topics, from basic to advanced, and includes practical exercises, case studies, and hands-on activities to reinforce learning and skill development.


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